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Biles is a top gymnast from the US. She is a champion, known for winning a lot of titles. She has also won the World all-around title. Not once, but six times. It was in the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, & 2023. With that, she has got a lot of other titles. With that said, here is a blog that goes through more of her life. It has details like Simone Biles husband, family, early life and so on.  

Simone Biles Biography

Biles was Born on March 14, 1997. She was a talented gymnast who has won a lot of medals for the US. Without no doubts, she was said to be one of the best gymnasts. In fact, in 2019, she got the record for most World Championships. This was for the field of gymnastics. To say the least, Biles is very successful. She was the 10th woman gymnast to win a World medal in all events. And is the first US female to have that title. 

Biles Physical Appearances

She stands at 4’ 8 ft, which is about 142 cm. She is not very tall but that has never put a toll on her. Meanwhile, Her weight around 47 kg or 103 pounds. And her shoe size is a UK 7.

Family of Biles

Ronald and Nellie are the mom and dad of Biles. She was raised with her sis Adria. Her dad was in the Air Force and her mom worked as a nurse in the Hospital. They both married on Jan 16, 1977. Then, adopted Biles when she was only six. Also, she has two sisters – Ashley and Adria. They also have a brother, named Tevin. The family adopted Biles with Adria. But Ashley was adopted by her great aunt. 

Early Life of Biles

Biles is from Columbus in Ohio. She grew up with three other siblings. She was born to Shanon Biles. But since her real mom couldn’t handle her kid, Biles was sent to care. In 2000, Ron and Nellie were caring for Biles and Adria. By 2003, they had adopted both Biles and her sis. As a child, Biles had to move in and out of her care. This was until she got her new family. After this, she led a good life. 

Education of Biles

Biles was in Benfer for school. It is based off Texas. By 2012, she was down for home schooling. This was for her career’s sake. She then finished high school in 2015. But before that, in 2014, she verbally joined UCLA. 

Career of Biles

Things began just when Biles was 6. She tried the sport for the first time on a day care field trip. As per the lead, she was great at gymnastics. She was then signed in at Bannon. Here, she got the training from Aimee at age eight. 

when Biles turned 14 on July 1, 2011,, she went to the American Classic. The same month, she went for the 2011 U.S. Classic. She got the chance to go to the USA Gymnastics National Championships. This was in 2012. In June, she made her next appearance in the U.S. National Championships. 

Simone Biles Husband

Biles is now the wife of Jonathan Owens. He is a football player and is from the US as well. The love birds have been with each other since Aug 2020. Later, on Feb 15, they got engaged. Then married on April 22, 2023. Simone husband plays for the Chicago Bears. He always supports Biles in her life choices. Even at the time when she chose to exit from diff events at the 2021 Olympics.

Awards of Biles

In Dec 2015, Biles was the Team USA Female Athlete of the Year. This was her 4th time to get this title. By the next year, she turned into an imp part of USS. Also, in 2016, she got the Glamour Award. It was for the Record Breaker. She was also a part of 100 Women for BBC. The same year, she got the title Sports woman of the Year. It was by the Women’s Sports Foundation. 

  • Simone Biles Husband also got through to the finals in Time’s 2016 Person of the Year. And, got nominated for 2016 ESPY award.
  • It was for the Best Female Athlete title. With her, other names like Elena and Katie, were also nominated. She had not won this award. But she was the next the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year
  • In 2017, Biles won the Best Female Athlete. It was from ESPY. She got this award as the 2nd gymnast after Nastia.
  • She also got a Shorty Award for the best in sports. And my favorite female athlete in Teen choice. She was also hot Sportswoman of the Year in 2017.
  • She then got the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement. This was all in 2017.

Biles on Social Media

Biles is on insta as simoneBiles. Over 7 M users follow her in it. On X, her ID is Simone_Biles. Here, over 1 M users follow her.

Net Worth of Simone

This year, she will turn $16 Million Net Worth.


Simone Biles husband and her make up the best pair. The two are strong pillars for each other. They both have won a lot of medals and world-level names for the nation. They do not have the same area. He is into football and she is a gymnast. Yet, they are both great. And together, they make the home nation very proud. 

FAQS About Simone Biles

Q1. When Did Biles Find Her Interests?

Ans. She found her liking when she was just six years old. That is, soon after she found her new home.

Q2. Where is Biles From?

Ans. She is from Columbus but grew up in Texas. She is of Haitian origin.

Q3. What Does Simone Husband Do?

Ans. Jonathan is a football player. For now, he is on the team Chicago Bears. He had signed a free-agent contract with them. 

Q4. When Did Biles Start to Date Owens?

Ans. Both went open for the 1st time in Aug 2020. After being with each other for 2 years they got engaged. This was back on Feb 15, 2022. Then married on April 22, 2023. 

Q5. When Did Biles Start Her Senior Career?

Ans. 2013 was when she got into her senior career. It started in March when she took part in the American Cup. It is a FIG World Cup event. She also went to Italy, so she could take part in the City of Jesolo Trophy. 

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