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It let him get famous for wearing a clown’s face to calm kids during dental visits. That changed into how we created our personal TV application, “El Show de Cepillín,” and it aired from 1977. He also recorded 27 albums of early life songs. He also played in films. For this, he became an icon of Mexican and Latin American entertainment. He died on 8th March, 2021, at age 75. Along with his accomplishments, he left a legacy that will last a long time. In this post, we will read about his biography including career, awards, social media, death reasons and much more.


Ricardo Gonzalez Gutierrez, who was better known as Cepillín, was a Mexican clown, singer, TV host, and actor. He was born on February 19, 1946, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. What sets him apart is his persona. He is a candid, friendly person that makes his audience smile. He does this through his odd and fun acts.

Ricardo Physical Stats

Cepillín stood for his smile mask. It had a purple nose, white face, and oversized, numbered, and colored saggy clothes. He became very funny and appealing. This is what made his audience, including all people, feel whole.

Specific stats, like height and weight, are not documented. But, Cepillín’s clown look became a key part of his character. It helped make him recognized as an entertainer.

Cepillín’s Age

Cepillín died on March 8, 2021. He was 75. He left behind a legacy that still resonates with fans worldwide.

Early Life and Education

The start of an amusement spell for stunning Cepillín seemed at the age of a younger boy. He was born and grew up in Monterrey. For this reason, he showed performance skills from a young age. When he finished his research, he decided to move on to his creative endeavors. He had a strong belief that the field should be joyful.

Ricardo Career

It’s profession turned into rich and powerful. He left his handprints in many fields for more than three decades. It all started with his success as a dentist. He used clown face and colorful shirts to scare his patients during tooth checkups. His rise to fame started when a local TV channel interviewed him. The interview clicked and led to his show, “”El Show de Cepillín.” The show aired on Televisa starting in 1977.

He displayed it in the very aspect of education, comedy, and interviews. He met visitors, including Lou Ferrigno. Ricardo was not famous on TV. Ricardo was also a singer. He recorded 27 albums of kid’s songs. 11 of the same album earned gold status. His songs, “La feria de Cepillin”, “Tomas”, “En el bosque de la China, and “La gallina cocona,” have become classics.

Also, he did films like “Milagro Inside the circus” (1979) and “The General’s Horn School” (1989). They let him express himself in creative forms not limited to the stage and the TV.

Cepillín’s Relationship Status

In the 12 months of 76, he married Aidé Guajardo de González with whom he raised three children. For example, they persisted despite his better family in the middle of his tangled career in a clear area.


Cepillín’s whole profession became burdened with success. He received many honors and awards. They recognized the services he provided to entertainment. He impresses not with his skills, but also with his kindness and network. He helps with art.


Cepillo’s family is the main pillar of his life. They have always supported him at every turn of his career.

His wife is Aidé Guajardo de González. Their 3 children have been his pillars of power and status. They have aided him through triumphs and challenges.

Cepillín’s Death

He passed away on the 8th of March, 2021. His passing caused a huge void in the entertainment sector and in the hearts of millions of fans. Much of his great performance’s legacy lives on. People remember him as a favorite celebrity and an inventor of the cult of persona. His contributions to Mexican culture and beyond have become immortal.

When Did He Die?

Chiwi died on March eighth, 2021. He left behind a background. It now influences and entertains audiences worldwide. His passing marked the end of that unique period in Mexican film. But, his spirit lives on in everyone he touched, at every age.

Films and Albums

Las películas destacadas de Cepillín incluyen “Milagro en el circo” (1979) y “La Corneta de mi General” (1989). Sus álbumes incluyen “Fiebre Del Cepillín, Cepillín Night Fever” (1978), “Navidad Con Cepillín Vol. IV” (1978), “Cepillín Vamos a los angeles escuela Vol. III” (1978), “Cepillín 15 éxitos Vol. II” (1998


Ricardo González Gutiérrez, known as Cepillín, was not just a clown. He was a symbol of joy, laughter, and unity. Desde sus humildes comienzos en Monterrey, He subió como un querido animador. Tocó las vidas de millones con su energía contagiosa y creatividad sin límites. He had a major effect on Mexican entertainment and the hearts of fans worldwide. This ensures that his legacy will endure. As we reflect on his life and career, we celebrate Cepillín’s enduring spirit. We also celebrate the timeless magic that draws audiences of all ages.

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