Riko Shibata: 5th Wife of Nicolas Cage

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Riko Shibata is an entrepreneur, she is popular as the fifth wife of Nicolas Cage. he is an actor and one of the famous television personalities. In this article we will discuss Riko and gather information regarding her lifestyle. It includes the details of her husband, her career, education, social media and more.

Riko Shibata Biography

Riko is the wife of Cage. She isn’t his 1st, but 5th wife. The pair is often discusse for their big age gap. She was Born on Jan 10, 1995. Riko is 30 years younger. They got married in 2021 and have only been together for a few years now. A lot of people say that the pair met each other in Japan. It is the home country of Riko. 

Riko‘s Physical Appearance

Riko is pretty tall and she stands at about 5’5 ft. Her weight is 55 kg, while her body measures 36-26-40. And her Bra Cup Size is 33 EE. 

Early Life of Riko Shibata

Jan 10, is when Riko was born. The year is 1995, and the birth place is Kyoto, Japan. In 2024, she turns 29 years old. There is nothing great we know of her early life. She lived a normal life and was out of the public eye. But we do know that she has always wanted to become an actor. She started early and did auditions as a young lady. 


Riko finishes her college research from her home country. That is, from Japan but its name is not known. But we believe she has a strong educational background. And finished school and college – both in Japan. 


Media reports say that Riko is into business. She is not an actor, like Cage. But her career as an entrepreneur is going well. Her link with the film world is not deep. It is only her spouse, Cage, that makes some of her connection. In the past, she did a few shows. And also, went on with a brief modeling time. But her time in the area has been short. Most of where she’s found is made by Cag. E.g. Vampire’s Kiss, Red Rock West, Lord of War, etc.

Awards of Riko

Riko is find at only a few shows. She is not root in the film world and has no awards. Bug when it comes to Cage, he has got many of them. From Golden Globe to Screen Actors and Academy Awards – he has a lot of them. 

Family of Riko

nicolas cage riko shibata

Riko is a mom of three. She has two step kids and one biological kid with Cage. The 1st kid is Weston. He was born in 1990 with Christina Fulton as his mother. Today he has become an actor and is seen in a lot of films. The 2nd kid is Kal-El. He was born in 2005 with his ex, Alice Kim. Riko and Cage have one girl together. Her name is August. She was born a couple of years back, in Sep 2022.

Riko’s Marriage

Riko Shibata is with Cage. In fact, both have been in love for a few years now. Cage is an actor and filmmaker from the US. Riko is his fifth wife. They got married on Feb. 16, 2021. As per him, the wedding was small but ended well. It was set at the Wynn Hotel. It is based in Las Vegas. 

The pair became official soon after they met. Cage says both are very happy. They are also very excited to spend time. In FaceTime, Cage tells Riko that he wants to marry her. This is how they got engage. Also, Cage knows that he has married five times. It is a great number, but I believe that it’s right this time.

Riko Shibata on Social Media

You can find Riko on Insta. But she is not very famous and only 962 users follow him. Also, she has 6 posts in it and follows no one else. 

Net Worth of Riko

Yes, Riko is pretty rich. Because as a business women, she has earned a lot of bucks. In 2024, he net worth will reach $1 to $2 M. But his spouse is richer. He stands with a net worth of $25 M.  


Nicolas Cage is a big name in the film world. Just a few years ago, he got official with his 5th wife. Her name is Riko Shibata. They are said to have met in Riko’s home country. They had known one another only for some months when both decided to get married. The date for this special date was set in 2021. They had a small wedding that ended on a good note. Both have a big age gap of 30 years. But that has never come in the middle of the pair. They don’t allow their age to come in between their love. 

FAQS About Riko Shibata

Q1. Who is Riko Cage?

Ans. Born as Riko Shibata, she is the wife of Nicolas Cage. After marriage, she took Cage as her last name, which comes from her husband. The two fell in love even though they had an age gap of 30 years Approx. In 2024, Riko turns 30 while he turns 59.

Q2. When Did Riko and Cage Marry?

Ans. The pair got married in 2021 after knowing each other for some time. They had met through a friend-of-a-friend at the time Cage was filming in Japan. The movie’s name is Prisoners of the Ghostland.

Q3. In Which Recent Event Was the Pair Seen Together?

Ans. The pair were saw at the Annual “Night Before” Benefit at Fox Studio Lot. It was on March 9, 2024 – just some days before the Oscars event. They both wore matching fits and were seen with other stars. 

Q4. Is Riko the First Wife of Cage?

Ans. No, Riko is not the first, but fifth wife of Riko. Because His first wife is Patricia Arquette. His second wife is Lisa Marie Presley. His third wife is Alice Kim. And his fourth wife is Erika Koike. Except for Alice, most of his relationships broke off in a matter of months or some years.

Q5. What is the Net Worth of Riko?

Ans. Riko has a net worth of $1 – $2 M. Meanwhile, her husband, Cage has a net worth of about $25 M.

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