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If you are into the world of films, you must know who Jamie Lee is. Well, is an icon and can act in all kinds of films. From hotpot to action – she is fit for all kinds of it. To say the least, she is very good at what she does. But even when her life is so busy as an actor, she has the time to be a mom. As of now, she is a mom of two – whom she looks after with Mr. Guest. The two turned mom and dad in 1986 with Annie being born. Just a few years after this, the pair chose to adopt a 2nd child. Here’s more to the life of Ruby Guest:

Ruby Guest Biography

Ruby is 28 years old. Her nationality is American and she belongs to white ethnicity. Ruby follows Christianity as her religion. She has been popular for being the daughter of two famous personalities, Jamie and Christopher Guest. She changed her gender in 2021 and got her new name. Before that, her name was Thomas. At first, she was not open to the idea of changing gender. But is now happier than before, as said by her mom. 

Ruby‘s Physical Appearance

Ruby is around 5’7 ft tall. Her weight is about 65 kg. She has Hazel color eyes and pretty Brown hair.

Early Life of Ruby Guest 

ruby guest

She became a part of the family soon after she was born. Jamie goes on to adopt kids as she is infertile. So, it was the best option for them to grow their family. Annie was adopted first, i.e. 1986. Then, Ruby made it in 1996. At first, their mom was saying no to the next kid. That’s because Annie was 9 at the time. But some events took place. So, Jamie thought growing the family would be the only good thing at the time.

Education of Ruby Guest

Ruby went to Santa Monica for School. She completed it in 2015. Then, went to the University of Mary for higher studies.


Ruby Guest is full of talents. Much like her mom, dad, and sis. Her artistic skills are great and she’s found in different creative tasks. She is also found in music projects. She is not into acting like her mom and dad are. But, has done some acting. Like in Game Grumps and World of Warcraft. And when it comes to her full-time work, she works as a computer gaming editor.

Awards of Ruby Guest 

Ruby has the fame just because she is a part of Lee. More so, due to her star mom and dad. But even after all of these, she chooses a private life for herself. She is not like other star kids and leads a normal life. More or less, she sees more value in education. Today, there are no awards to name her success. But we surely know she has done great in life. And when it comes to her parents, both have a lot of awards in their names. 

Family of Ruby

Ruby is the kid of Jamie Lee and Christopher. Both of them are two big names in the film world. Lee, her mom, is an actress and writer. Her dad is an actor, director and screen writer. The two adopted Ruby in 1996. Back then, she was named Thomas. They got her to the family two years after Annie was here

Ruby’s Love Life

Ruby is in love with Kynthia. Both tied knot in a wedding on May 29, 2022. They set up the hall in a World of Warcraft theme. They had not booked any outside space. Instead, they chose to get official in their backyard. Jamie Lee was more than happy to see her kid in love and happy. In this wedding, people were cosplayed. Every person had to come up with a role from World of Warcraft. Lee chose Jaina, the sorceress. Ruby went up as Squigly. And Kynthia was Elphelt.

She had also told AARP and let them know of the wedding. With that, she also told them about her gender change. Lee says that she was glad. She and Chris were happy to see their son turn into Ruby. Then, she goes on to share the 2nd good news. It was about Ruby’s marriage. Also, Lee was going to officiate it.

Ruby on Social Media

It is not common to see star kids living a private life. But Ruby is a good example of this. She is out of the online world. She is out of the online world. But leads a happy life outside the web.

Ruby Net Worth 

Ruby is not into the world of film. For now, she is away from the world of films. Yet, we still know that she’s rich and is said to have a net worth of $1 – 2 M.


Ruby Guest is a star kid, who got the game for her family. She is not an actor just yet. But she surely does have the interest and skills to become one. As a kid of two big names, she has a great scope. If wished, Ruby could easily become an actress. While fans hope to see her on screen, we do not know if we’ll ever find her craving a path in it.

FAQS About Ruby Guest

Q1. Who is Ruby Guest Getting Married Too?

Ans. Kynthia is the love of Ruby.

Q2. In Which Year Did Lee Find Ruby?

Ans. She came into the life of Lee and others in 1996.

Q3. Is Ruby an Actress?

Ans. Ruby is not an actress. But we have seen her in one web show. Its name is Game Grumps. Its name is World of Warcraft: Looking for Group.

Q4. What Does Ruby Do?

Ans. She is not an actor, as a lot of fans think. But, she is a computer gaming editor. She is not a part of the film world. But even after having a normal work life, she is said to be $1-2 M rich. 

Q5. How is Ruby a Part of the British Nobility?

Ans. Ruby is a part of her dad’s side of the family. She was adopted, so she’ll never succeed the guest barony. But from the terms of a 2004 warrant, she must be given the title. The title The Honourable is her right like her mom has.

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