The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood

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Hollywood has always had a strong romance with horror. It’s where films like Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho have made fear and suspense. So have recent films like John Carpenter’s 1973 film, Halloween. The cinema showed us a range of horrors. They went from hauntings at sundown to the movie draining our souls. If you’re ready to dive into fear, here are the Top 10 best horror movies in hollywood. They have left audiences trembling. 

(1) The Exorcist (1973)

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood The first one is The Exorcist, and William Friedkin directed it. Exorcist is based on a novel which is Written by William Peter Blatty. It is a masterpiece in the genre of horror and terror. The film’s plot begins with the tale of a sacristy. It portrays a teen girl who gets dark energy tearfully. She gets it after an evil entity possesses her. The movie has shocking visuals and a chilling sound. The performances have power. The Exorcist might be called a triumph in horror. It remains forever as one of the most frightening films in the world. Discover how much English you know and track your progress on your own.

(2) Hereditary (2018)

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood the Second Movie name is Hereditary. Hereditary, a top-rated horror film for our time, comes to mind. One of the main aspects of the work is a study of the family that is falling apart after traumatic grief. The feeling is crafted around themes of regret, remorse, and dark, supernatural evil. It is visible. The film establishes impending doom. It uses eerie imagery and a chilling atmosphere. It eventually reaches extreme tension. You try to comprehend where it will lead. It has the hallmark of slow-burn horror that remains vivid in the corner of fans’ eyes.

(3) The Conjuring (2013)

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood

James Wan directed the film. It introduces the audience to Ed and Lorraine Warren. They are the real paranormal investigators. They are in the centre of a dreadful case. A bad entity has been roaming the family’s farmhouse. The movie uses several ways to make viewers feel creeped out. These include but are not limited to, the excellent use of dread, scary scenes, and the climax exorcism. The standout feature of “Conjuring the Conjuring” is the powerful act of the cast. This is especially true of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who played the Warrens. Conjuring is an intense supernatural horror event. It will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

(4) Get Out (2017)

In his style, Jordan Peele is a director. He brings the parts of horror, social class commentary, and psychological fiction together in Get Out. The film focuses on a young African’s visit to his girlfriend’s family. He lives with them. What waits for him at the end of the day is a revelation of the family skeleton. The movie can make its mark. It can do this by tackling race and self-image issues, and otherworldly fear. The film is brain candy. The story captivates the audience. The twists are not typical of traditional horror cinema.

(5) Psycho (1960)

The hero of the same picture was Alfred Hitchcock. He was the director who reinvented the horror genre. He made The Psycho. Marion Crane runs away with stolen money and stays at the Bates Motel. She picks it because the owner is very mysterious. The suspense and the famous shower scene were a psychological exploration into madness. They still leave a mark on the horror genre. Psychological thrillers and horror should always be the must-see ones. They are for any horror fan.

(6) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood

Wes Craven made the movie. He is famous for his masterpiece A Nightmare on Elm Street. Robert Shaye was his producer. The first movie combines the two in the series. A notable feature is Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, and Ronee Blakley. Especially dreadful is Robert Englund. He debuts as the famous Freddy Krueger. The film’s story is about a clique of high school students. They have Krueger, an immortal child killer, as a nemesis. He can kill people through their dreams. Krueger is the parents’ dark secret. It comes back to haunt them. They have to face their murders. He will kill them for revenge. The movie had a budget of 1.1 million dollars. It guaranteed box-office success. The theatre chain got a staggering 57 million dollars worldwide. It is today a classic of the genre, recognized as one of the greatest kinds of this kind of film.

(7) The Shining (1980)

The film at hand is The Shining. It’s a conscious work of Stanley Kubrick. It was adapted from Stephen King’s novel on the same subject. Its main character is Jack Torrance. He is a writer hired by the Hotel Overlook as the winter caretaker. And yes, he is played by the amazing actor – Jack Nicholson. When the family is under supernatural influence, Jack’s clear thinking is masked. He turns into a horror to his own family. The film has a spooky doll. It has very popular images. These mark it as a horror masterpiece. They foster great admiration in audiences. There is also Jack Nicholson’s great portrayal. It gives his role as the protagonist an unforgettable vividness.

(8) Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood

Roman Polanski directs Rosemary’s Baby. It’s the scary story of a rational woman as things around her fall apart suddenly. The story is about Rosemary Woodhouse. She gives birth to a child and then starts to believe her neighbors are in a satanic cult. She moves into her pregnancy with less and less communication. More and more, her mind is sinking into uncertainties. The constant, creeping horror and quiet dread define the movie. They make it a remarkable example of the genre. Polanski also manipulates the gap between reality and nightmare. It makes viewers feel confused.

(9) The Babadook (2014)

Jennifer Kent directed The Babadook. Babadook is a psychological story. It goes beyond shock and breaks the genre’s rules. It is centered on Amelia’s character, a bereaved mother, and her bewildered son Samuel, who is in trouble. Our protagonist faces an ominous presence. The diabolical figure of The Babadook suddenly appears in this pop-up book. The story is about PTSD and sadness. It explores how blurry the line between truth and mirage is. The film creates tension in the air. Its great performances make it a must-see in today’s horrors.

(10) Halloween (1978)

The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood

John Carpenter directed Halloween. It was one of the key slasher films. They were the roadmap for later films. On Halloween night, the killer Michael The Shapester escapes from a mental facility. Halloween is dangerous. He is wearing a mask. He heads back to his hometown. This film is suspenseful, creepy, and has vivid music. These qualities make it forever stick in the audience’s minds. Jamie Lee Curtis portrayed Laurie Strode, the Final Girl. She became one of the biggest stars of the horror genre. Due to her amazing performance, the story of Halloween lives on in the hearts and minds of viewers.


The Top 10 Best Horror Movies in Hollywood is just one of the galleries in a scary, shadowed universe. These movies become much more than just celluloid shots. They are our shared fears and whispered nightmares. The credits roll and the camera dissolves. Our eyes and hearts race, searching the shadows for weapons that were never there. Darkness is the ideal place for fear to grow. It is in such darkness that we find the essence of humanity. It is a tiny blaze against the invasion of the nighttime.

FAQS About Best Horror Movies

Q1. What is the scariest movie ever?

Ans. During Surveys of 10,000 Rotten Tomatoes users agreed that “The Exorcist” (1973) was the scariest film ever made. This scary movie is directed by William Friedkin.

Q2. Is there another horror film that touches in the same way?

Ans. “Ari Aster directed ‘Hereditary’ in 2018. It scared many with its well-developed story. Because It was about a tortured mother and was an outstanding horror movie.

Q3. Which movie provides its audience with a suspenseful plot based on the experiences of real-life paranormal investigators?

Ans. “The Conjuring” (2013) is directed by James Wan. Because It is based on the experiences of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Q4. What are some other notable horror movies?

Ans. Besides the movies I’ve mentioned, we also have other scary movies. Although the former three excel at it, there are a lot more horrors out both favorites and newer ones.

Q5. Where can I watch these movies?

Ans. Certainly, These films would be downloaded via Netflix. Hence, you may proceed to visit them and check them out by yourself.

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