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NYT Games website hosts the Letterboxed game, which is a simple but fun way to pass the time. It is one of the many puzzle games from NYT, that rolls out one round of game each day. You’re lucky today because this blog covers some important points on Letterboxed NYT. So, here you go: 

About LetterBoxed NYT

Letter Boxed is a game available on the New York Times website. It came out in 2019, following its soft launch a year ago. Its designer is Sam Ezersky, who made sure to add features that hook more customers. This game is a big success that has a large audience today.

Basic Gameplay 

  • In this game, players will see a box that has 3 different letters on all sides. The main aim here is to form words using the letters. But doing so isn’t as easy and you would have to keep up with different rules. First, letters that you place on the side cannot come in consecutive steps. 
  • Second, the ending letter of all words will be the first letter of the following word. For e.g, in a 3-letter word BOX, X is the last word. So, the following word must begin with the X. 
  • You will finish the round when you are over with all the letters. Most beginners don’t emphasize the number of words. But with time, as you get better with the puzzle, make sure to keep up with the target. 

Solving Letterboxed NYT

  • Letterboxed NYT follows a specific pattern. It begins by displaying the target number of words. Keep a note of the number, as you will have to fulfill it to finish the round. Completing the game in fewer words is more difficult than doing it with more numbers. Also, for each level, an important challenge message will come on your screen. 
  • Be attentive to the challenge and start by picking out the first suitable word. For the same, you will have to first type a letter on any side of the box. Then, you will have to follow up with a letter on any one of the remaining three sides. Continue this unless you have the word. 
  • Once your words are ready, letters will change their color. Black color means that the letters have already been used. White letters mean players have yet to touch them. And with colors, you will also see lines that describe their connection. The important point is this line must be long enough and cover at least three characters. About the total length, it can be long with no limits. Then, once you have the chosen word, submit it by clicking enter. 
  • Now is the time for the next word, which as told above, should start from the ending letter of the previous word. This is where the difficulty arises as the ending can either open or close options for you. In case you have no options available, press backspace. Or, tap delete to remove characters. You can otherwise use the restart button to wipe out the board. This will let you start the session from the start. And once you solve the puzzle, a success message will pop up. 

Best Tips and Tricks

If you wish to become a pro at Letterboxed NYT, there are some tips and tricks you can follow, such as: 

  • Planning: It is always a good idea to not rush right away. Try to first plan the words. Look at the letters and take as much time as you need. Go through all the sides of the box and pick out some suitable patterns. Also, try to pick out as many words as you can. Focus more on words with a large number of letters. 
  • Letter Placement: The next most important thing is to understand the letter placement. Analyze the letters that you have and pick out those that are more common at the beginning. You can also look into the words that are common in the middle and at the end. Then, use the trickiest letters available first. 
  • Modifications: You will be stuck at some points. Modifying previous words will be the only way out in such cases. Do not be afraid of it and get going with as many attempts until you have a winning solution. Also, players can remove letters one by one or delete previous words to change solutions. They can also wipe the whole thing to start fresh. 
  • Use a Cheat Tool: At the end, if you find no value in strategies, head out for cheat tools. There are many word finder sites available that will right away find words for the letters you want. 


In conclusion, Letterboxed NYT is a daily word game that operates the same as Wordle. It is a fun and simple game that you can try in your free time. But let its simplicity not fool you, because the game is also very tricky. The good thing is you’ll become a pro with time and practice. The key is to follow the rules and put working strategies in place.

FAQs About Letterboxed NYT

Q1. Can You Solve the Letter Boxed Game in Two Words?

Ans. Completing the puzzle in two works is the trickiest. In most cases, you will need 4, 5, or 6 words. But at times, you can also complete the round in two words; it all depends on your performance.

Q2. What are the Most Important Rules in Boxed Letters?

Ans. Here, players will have to connect letters and form words that are of at least 3 letters. You can also reuse the letters. It won’t be an issue unless the consecutive letters are on the same side. The most important rule is that the ending letter of the word must be the 1st letter of the following word.

Q3. Can You Leave Out Letters in Letterbox?

Ans. No, you cannot leave out any letters and players must use each of them.

Q4. When Does the New Level of Letterboxed Begin?

Ans. Levels in this game renew every 24 hours. More so, the level renews at 3:00 AM as per Eastern Standard Time.

Q5. What Other Games Can You Play on NYT?

Ans. Other than Letter Box, NYT has several fun puzzle games for players. Such as Spelling Bee, Wordle, Connections, Tiles, Vertex, and Sudoku. 

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