Top 10 Upcoming Games For Mobile in 2024

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Two games that made mobile gaming much more popular are PUBG and Call of Duty. Its big success was a good enough reason to make developers like Riot Games come up with better games. But despite the rush, mobile games are very few if you compare them to options found for other platforms. Here, in this article, we’ll be going through the top 10 upcoming games for mobile. Most of these games won’t need a high-end device, which makes it a win-win situation for all. With that said, you can continue here and find the best options: 

1. Path of Exile Mobile

The publisher of this game is Grinding Gear Games and is available on both Android & iOS.  Their hit Free to Play Action RPG Path of Exile is coming soon for mobile players. 

Path of Exile Mobile will have nothing that’s bullshit. Plus, it is being made by the team that came up with the original console mode. As per the team themselves, this mobile game will be nothing short of features. Its thriller is as good as on other platforms and would work on all smartphone screens.   

2. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones from Netmarble will belong to the genre RPG. It will soon be out for Android & iOS and players can start by watching its teaser. It features famous characters and locations, that you’ll recognize from the TV Series. 

3. All of us are dead

Ikina Games is one of the best game development firms in South Korea. It is now working on its next game, All of Us Are Dead, which fits in the genre of adventure and survival. The game follows the same story as the original series All of Us Are Dead, which is available on Netflix. You can play this story-based adventure game on both iOS and Android

4. Spyjinx

Spyjinx, from Epic Games, will be a  Role-Playing and Strategy game for Android & iOS. This game will be best for anyone who loves thrill and spy concepts. Epic Games has come together with Bad Robot Games to develop Spyjinx. 

Here, you’ll get to witness the enthralling adventure of the hero, who is the Mastermind. Besides, the game will have some cool tech gadgets, RPG mode, and a multiplayer mode. The only thing of concern with this game is its unavailability in some countries. 

5. Spine

Nekki and Banzai Games are working on their next game, Spine. It is a mix of Cyberpunk and Action that will be out for different platforms along with iOS and Android.

For now, you can watch its thirty-second teaser and prepare for the real game. Also, this game’s main feature is Spine, which is an advanced piece of tech and a combat AI. It joins to the human body’s spinal cord, following which it gets the control to move every muscle. 

6. The Ragnarok

The Ragnarok will be an MMORPG game by NetEase Games. Here, you’ll get to experience an adventurous route with Nordic mythology as the theme. It is a new concept and will be out for all platforms, including PCs, consoles, and smartphones. 

7. H1Z1 Mobile

Daybreak Game Company has announced their new H1Z1 Mobile game. With no doubt, this game is one of the top 10 upcoming games for mobile. The team has yet to share the release date, but you can watch its Free To Play Trailer as a starter. Also, this game choice will be the best if you are into battle royale games. You can expect some key similarities with PUBG and Fortnite

The gameplay will start with players jumping out of an airplane beside 150 others. Next, they must pick up guns and ammo to knock out other players. And as with other battle royale, the final player is the one to win. Players will also have the option to play solo or team up as a duo or a squad of four. For now, you can resume in its PC and PS4 version or wait until the mobile version is available.

8. King of Hunters

King of Hunters by NetEase Games will be a MOBA game with a mix of Battle Royale essence. The game is going to be all about a multi-tire open world. In it, players must equip themselves with weapons. Or, they get killed by others that have it. Netease has already updated the community with a trailer on Twitter.  

9. Code-T

NetEase Games is preparing its new game. They are yet to announce the release date, but we have some cool information available. First, this game will pick up the genre of cyberpunk. Second, it has a chaotic and dangerous futuristic city in its gameplay. 

Further, this game will have players as bounty hunters. They’ll have to maneuver through forces and be full of crimes and darkness. Bounty hunters tend to hide behind the flashing of neon lights, as seen in its teaser. 

10. Roller Champions

This upcoming game’s publisher is Ubisoft, who are creating a new game that belongs to the genre of sports. Well, Roller is going to be a free multiplayer skating game and will be available on both iOS and Android. The gameplay will follow two teams, with each having three players. Everyone will have to move around skating and circle velodrome vying. 


Mobile game releases have become more dope nowadays. In 2024, technology is going to become even better and its effect will be in upcoming games. As a starter, you can try the above given top 10 upcoming games for mobile. Each one of them has their unique thrill and is worth your time. 

FAQs About Top 10 Upcoming Games

Q1. What are the top 5 age-inclusive games?

Ans. The best games that people of any age can play are Monopoly Go, Candy Crush Saga, Coin Master, Roblox, and more. 

Q2. Which is the number one battle royale game?

Ans. Fortnite is the most-played battle royale game as of Feb 2024.

Q3. Which mobile games are the most profitable?

Ans. As per reports, a few best-selling games are Pokémon, Mario, Call of Duty, Pac-Man, etc.

Q4. How can players earn by playing games?

Ans. Most gamers earn by streaming their gameplay and sharing gaming content online.

Q5. Which game has the most downloads so far?

Ans. A few games that have over 500 M downloads are Among Us, Subway Surfers, etc.

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